Traffic Ticket Defense

No matter where the ticket was written, No matter if you failed to Appear, or failed to Pay, our experienced Legal Assistants will work hard to help you.




Traffic Defense For You

When you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, to ensure our customers get the highest caliber of service and skill. Our Legal Assistants are knowledgeable in the areas of speeding tickets, suspended licenses, and it’s our goal to make sure you’re dealt a fair hand in every aspect of your case.



One On One

E-Traffic Ticket Defenders is not a referral service – Unlike many other competitors, we are there for you From start to finish, and our team will personally handle your case.



4 Traffic Defense Steps

Submit a few key pieces of information about your traffic ticket case so that we can get to work on your ticket. California law allows you to contest most traffic infractions in writing, without having to make a personal appearance in court. Using this proven successful method called a Trial by Written Declaration, with the combined experience of our traffic ticket consultants, we can get your ticket dismissed or reduced or you receive a Service Fee Refund if it isn’t.

When you get a traffic ticket in California, you can actually fight it without having to go to court to contest your ticket. It’s called the Trial by Written Declaration. E-Traffic ticket Defenders has been in California for 21 years but we got the word out through word of mouth success and about this successful yet underused ticket fighting process years ago. Our competitors are just now getting into the legal scene.

By using a trial by Written Declaration to fight your ticket you can say everything you had planned to say if you went to court, in writing. You can present your case to the judge in a well thought out manner and never have to step foot in the courtroom. Knowing what to say in a Trial by Written Declaration and more importantly what not to say is crucial to maximizing your chances of getting your ticket dismissed. The key to getting your traffic ticket dismissed is the skill which your case is presented to the court and over the past 10 years,  E-Traffic Ticket Defenders has assembled a team of consultants who know the court rules and typical case scenarios inside and out. You may think your situation is unique but we’ve almost certainly helped someone in your exact circumstance before by using this completely legal and lesser-known California court system procedure.