No matter where the ticket was written, No matter if you failed to Appear, or failed to Pay, our experienced Legal Assistants will work hard to help you:


  • Keep points off of your driving record
  • Prevent insurance rate hikes resulting from a traffic ticket
  • Avoid wasting your valuable time fighting your traffic ticket in court
  • Life the hold on your license, set the court date and begin the Dismissal process defense for failure to Appear. Or
  • File a Motion with the court via a formal Judges Consideration to exonerate the FTP and obtain the Abstract to drive.




When you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, to ensure our customers get the highest caliber of service and skill. Our Legal Assistants are knowledgeable in the areas of speeding tickets, suspended licenses., and it’s our goal to make sure you’re dealt a fair hand in every aspect of your case. We have Countless Clients with true word of mouth testimonies unlike our competitors whose strength is built on Reputable news articles. We’re in the trenches of our community.


We Won’t Refer You to a Law Firm … We Are here for you one on one!


E-Traffic Ticket Defenders is not a referral service – Unlike many other competitors, we are there for you From start to finish, and our team will personally handle your case. We’ll see you though the process and make sure you’re satisfied with the services we deliver. And of course, should you have any questions, feel free to contact a live person on hand to answer them.

Whether you received your traffic ticket in Los Angeles to Any County in California, E-Traffic ticket Defenders will work hard to protect your rights! Click here to find out how we can assist you wherever you are.


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