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We can help you beat that traffic ticket!

E-Traffic Ticket Defenders is a Legal Defense Team concentrating on fighting traffic offenses ranging from Open cases (these are the cases you’ve never plead out Guilty/Nolo Contender or fully paid) to Failure to appear and Closed cases – Failure to Pay. No matter where the ticket was written, no matter if you failed to Appear, or failed to Pay, our experienced Legal Assistants will work hard to help you do the following:

  • Keep points off of your driving record
  • Prevent insurance rate hikes resulting from a traffic ticket
  • Avoid wasting your valuable time fighting your traffic ticket in court
  • Lift the Hold on your license, set the court date and begin the Dismissal process defense for failure to Appear. Or
  • File a Motion with the Court via a formal Judges Consideration to exonerate the
  • FTP and obtain the Abstract to drive again

The legal talent behind E-Traffic Ticket defenders has a successful rate over 90 percent cases dismissed. Many times, our clients are found not guilty, their case is dismissed entirely, or charges are reduced – which means no points or convictions on their record. Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll win every case, our success rate speaks for itself!


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We are your experienced California Traffic Ticket Legal Assistants with a REAL, PHYSICAL, CALIFORNIA OFFICE location to best serve you.

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Whether you’re a first-time California traffic ticket offender – or you’ve lost your license after several traffic tickets, call us for a free consultation at 310 933-8588.

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Our staff is on hand to take your call! Don’t pay that California traffic ticket. Get us on your side and fight back with E Traffic Ticket Defenders!